HEPA Ionizer Air Purifier!




🎯 Clean air as prerequisite for good health!The quality of indoor air that we breathe is crucial for our health and well-being. The less dust, allergens, microorganisms and chemical pollutants we breathe in, the less we risk getting ill.

The problem is reinforced by the modern ways of energy efficient building. Insufficient ventilation can cause the development and spread of bacteria, viruses, dust mites, mould, particulate matter and pollen indoors.

Most common causes for bad quality of indoor air:
✳️ Allergens
✳️ Chemical substances and smells
✳️ Bacteria, viruses and mould
✳️ Gases and substances from vehicles and industry

The consequences of unhealthy indoor air for human health become obvious when looking at the permanently increasing health problems such as:

Short and medium term:
👉 Allergic reactions
👉 Eye infections (conjunctivitis)
👉 Irritations of nose and throat
👉 Bronchitis
👉 Pneumonia
👉 Headaches, nausea
👉 Respiratory problems
👉 Skin problems (Eczema)
👉 Asthma attacks

Long term:
👉 Chronic respiratory problems
👉 Lung cancer
👉 Heart diseases
👉 Brain, nerves or inner organ damages

More than enough reasons to pay attention to indoor air quality!

✔️ Intelligent Particle Sensor™
The integrated intelligent sensor automatically measures and regulates indoor air quality. The fan anticipates automatically with 3 different speeds according to the particulate matter charge of indoor air.

✔️ The air purifier indicates current air quality automatically and exactly on the digital monitor by measuring the indoor level of PM2.5, temperature and air humidity.

✔️ Important aspects for efficient air purification: relative air humidity between 40-60% and indoor temperature of approx. 20 – 25°C.

✔️ Effect of the HEPA ionizer air purifier guarantees healthy, purified indoor air to its users. The excellent 8fold OFT filtration system reduces risks of infections through viruses and bacteria, patients suffering from allergies can sleep quietly again and asthma patients can breathe more easily. Passive and active smokers feel much better. Sick-Building-syndrome causing indoor poisons such as formaldehyde and tobacco smoke lose their dangers for human health.

Practical handle – The intelligent HEPA ionizer air purifier has a practical handle which makes it easy to move the device from one room to the other.

Compact tablet design fitting into every interior – Its compact and stylish tablet design as well as its neutral colouring make the unique HEPA ionizer air purifier CA-510Pro by Clean Air Optima® suitable for every interior.

Very silent – The fan of the HEPA ionizer air purifier is provided with three settings and a sleep mode.

2,200 Cheaper than lazada and shopee

3 filter function
Activated Carbon Filter
HEPA Filter

Improves 6 air problems
☘️High Efficiency Smoke Removal
☘️Removes Dust
☘️Improves Smell
☘️Improve Air Quality
☘️Filter Bacteria
☘️Removes pollen and other small particles

📍8 hour long timer
📍35 to 50 cubic meter room efficiency
📍3000 hour filter replacement remind function

Mode of payment
BPI / BDO /GCash /Paymaya
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